Using Dropbox with Drafts




Dropbox is a file storage service. Drafts offers direct integration with Dropbox through several methods.

Dropbox Action Steps

Dropbox action steps directly integrate with Dropbox through their API and are a powerful, flexible way to create, append and prepend to files anywhere in your Dropbox. Sample ready to use examples:

Export and Import through Files

The Dropbox app provides integration through iOS 11 Files app. With the Dropbox app installed on your iOS device, files can be imported by tapping and holding the “+” new draft button in the editor, and selecting “Import file”.

Also the Drafts Export action step allows saving to arbitrary destinations in the Files app, including Dropbox.


Drafts scripts can also read from and write to files in Dropbox using the Dropbox object, and using it’s advanced methods access the entire Dropbox API - including Dropbox Paper, list files, generating share links and more. See the documentation for details, or start with these sample actions: