Using Drafts to be a journal in outline format

I know how to use Markdown to format notes in an outline style for export.

I want to use Drafts as my day-to-day journal without sending the text to another app. (I did that with Drafts to Evernote Action).

I decided I would just keep my notes right in Drafts. I love the way everything syncs between all my i-devices instantly.

Is there a way to easily create notes in outline format using a 1. A. 1. a… type outline style right in Drafts without exporting the note? Even indented/outdented bullets would be OK.

Maybe I am not using it right.


+1 for this question. I too would like to outline in Drafts using a 1. A. 1. a… type outline style. I especially would like the ability to indent/outdent using Tab/Shift-Tab anywhere on the line (instead of having to go to the beginning of the line and hit tab). I would also like Drafts to automatically update the number/Roman numeral/bullet automatically according to it’s location and indent within the greater hierarchy of the outline (similar to the way that Word/Pages handle outlines).

Now I understand that agiletortoise has deliberately chosen not to add this functionality because it detracts from Drafts ability to type “Tab” symbols and therefore Drafts ability to be a WYSIWYG editor but still I think this is a missed opportunity. Please see my topic here for why I think Drafts could be so much more powerful with this functionality.