Using Drafts as a primary note taking app (replacing something like evernote)

Hello all,

I have been doing some research on this forum. I am trying to figure out the best way to use drafts as a replacement to evernote. My premium evernote as expired and to renew it is way to expensive. I like the idea at least for my work notes on using the Zettelkasten method. The only thing drafts lacks at least for my needs is PDF and image support with drafts being plan text. Is there a workaround for this? If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share!

I’d suggest using Dropbox links. Place the DB link for the file you want in to access in your drafts… Works for all files: pdfs, images, spreadsheets, etc… you can of course link to Google Drive documents as well… etc.


Yes to Dropbox/Google links. As long as you aren’t hung up about having everything in the same place, there’s a fair few other ways of working. For example: I threw together a shortcut on iOS that allowed me to take a picture with the phone or iPad and have a link to that picture placed in a new or existing draft. I’m pretty sure someone here in the forum had a set-up that displayed linked images in the preview of a draft…?

At the moment, I like to use Notebooks as a companion app for most supporting files— I’ve found it to be a decent file manager, and it’s really easy to generate links to documents/files stored within it.

I’m sure some people will recommend DevonThink for similar purposes… :wink:


That’s something to think about with good or Dropbox. Is notebook or DevonThink free?

nope, especially not DT Pro

@dfay I was asking if they had a free version or if they were a pay only app.

right & the answer is no. There’s a very generous trial of 150 hours or so for DT but it’s around $200 for a license one that’s done.

Ahh I see. I don’t mind paying but 200 is to rich for my blood. Hence why I am moving away from evernote. I also don’t like the new UI for evernote either.

Has the app Notebooks 10 an url scheme?


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Notebooks is currently £9.99 on iOS; £32.00 on macOS (no subscription). It’s currently my best candidate for an Evernote replacement, bearing in mind what I use Evernote for these days (as an archive and reference tool, with all actual notes in Drafts).

And yes, DevonThink is pricey if you want a full spectrum set-up. I picked up the iOS app (currently £7.99?) a while back during a previous phase of looking for an Evernote alternative. Never did get into it, but I know a fair few people swear by it, according to comments. To be fair, I understand that the iOS app isn’t as powerful as the mac version…

@jsamlarose I will have to check them out. Thanks!

@Andreas_Haberle That could probably work once I figure out where to store the pdfs and stuff. Maybe google drive or icloud

I guess the whole Idea is to use drafts for basically everything without having 5 or 6 other apps. Trying to avoid have a sub for a task manager, a note app, and so on and so forth. I am not a fan of something like notion (tried it didn’t really like it). I like the freedom drafts gives me. Just have some tinkering to get it work for me.

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with workspaces drafts is very potent to work as a multilayered app. The new databased workspaces could easily be used to generate a review process (a feature that is sadly missing in Things3)


That is what I am thinking as well. Drafts would be perfect if I could add pdf and images. I will probably reevaluate the monthly subscriptions I have and get more icloud storage for now.

did you hear about the new combined services from apple? I am not sure if they are already available but as a Apple Music and Arcade user I get Storage and TV geforce free. Though I am not sure how much storage will be included

No I haven’t. I will look into it.

Yes. As long as you appreciate Drafts’ limitations, there’s actually a lot that it can handle aside from basic note-taking.

For example: there was a conversation somewhere here in the forum about using Drafts as a bookmark manager. Can Drafts do everything that other dedicated bookmark managers can do? No. But depending on what you need from a bookmark manager, it’s entirely possible to make it work.

Now I’m curious about the 5/6 other apps you’re hoping to roll into your Drafts set-up!

5/6 might be a bit of a exaggeration. It’s about 3 or so apps. todo, list evernote, text editor (on mac). Im sure I am leaving something out.