Using Drafts and Hook

I’m trying to rebuild my PKM system, and am hoping to use Hook to help me see connections between my different Drafts files.

Wondering if anyone else here is using Hook? (I searched around and might have missed any threads if it/they are there.

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I have Hook and Drafts. Have done nothing with Hook yet - having just got it.

Just got it this week, and will be experimenting with it this weekend…

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I have Hook and Drafts, but most of my Drafts content is transient or transactional for particular processes. As such i’ve simply never had need to link to anything in Drafts with it. However, it would seem a good way to cross link across your system if Drafts stores any persistent information for your PKM system.

I’m not sure there’s much to say about it specifically in regards to Drafts though as Hook acts like a meta framework above apps to deep link them together.

If you like Zettelkasten as an approach but would like to work across multiple apps, Hook has you covered. If you are all in on Drafts, the app will suffice with its own functionality.

this one?

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Yes. In case it is of interest, one of the lead creators was on MPU recently.

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I use Hook, have been very happy with it. Use it to create links in text files to PDFs, videos, etc. Has been reliable, easy to use.

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I’ve not used it myself but recall Brett Terpstra waxing lyrical about it a while back. I think he may have mentioned it on his most recent MPU appearance too.

It does seem like a great idea and I’ve watched some of the videos on it. The fact that you can just leave everything where it is and not have to move things in to a “bucket” app is great. Yojimbo and Circus Ponies’ Notebook proved to be my graveyards of best intentions with that type of app many moons ago.

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I think I remember that podcast…just got the Hook update…went with the Pro version. Very interested to see how it works with files, and w/Drafts.