Using Bear with Drafts




The note taking app Bear supports integration via it’s Share extension, and URL schemes. For basic needs, use the Drafts Share action and select Bear in the iOS share sheet. Bear’s share extension supports capturing new notes, or append-prepending to existing notes you select in the share extension.

URL Actions

Bear has extensive x-callback-url support, allowing creation of new notes, as well as appending/prepending text, navigating to and searching notes. More details can be found in the Bear URL scheme documentation. A few ready-to-use example actions:

  • Send to Bear: Send current draft to Bear as a new note, using the first line as the note title, and remaining text as the content of the note - returns to Drafts after completion.
  • Append to Bear Journal: Append draft to rolling series of monthly Journal notes.


Although URL schemes are the only method to integrate with Bear, they can be powerful. @olivierg has shared a BearAPI that makes using the more advanced features available with Bear’s URL schemes easy in Drafts action scripts. Advanced users might want to take a look at it.

Bear Integration
Diary in Bear, step by step day