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I am new to Drafts, it there is something that I am trying to do which I thought would be simple, but am struggling.

I have the Drafts complication on my Apple Watch. When I use it to dictate a new thought that has just popped into my head, I want that to append to an existing Draft, not create a new Draft each time. Basically, I want it to create a list. On the iPhone, I can pin a Draft so it opens that one each time and I can append to it, but I can’t seem to create that same functionality from the watch.

Any ideas please?


The most efficient workflow for what you describe on the Watch is probably:

  • Flag the draft you want to return to and modify regularly
  • Add the Drafts “Flagged” complication to your Watch face.

Tapping on the complication will take you directly to your flagged drafts. You can select the one you want to use, then tap the “Append” button to add dictate additional text to the draft.

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That’s perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

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Er, yes, thanks for that.
But I have also experienced the same — saving the last sentence or so — on a new Draft initiated from my Apple Watch.
–Ian Greig

Did you mean to post that reply to this thread?

It reads like it may be more suited to the thread your started over here:

My mistake! You’re right…