Using Apple Pencil in Drafts

I really enjoy using the Apple Pencil 2 with Scribble my iPad Air. However, it is a little cumbersome in Drafts and I’ll try to detail the issues I’ve had so far.

  • In default scroll mode, the text will fill the screen all the way to the bottom of the text window, leaving no room underneath with which to write with the Pencil.
  • In typewriter scroll mode, there is an ideal space for writing under the text! But sometimes when your hand brushes the screen (which, is inevitable) the keyboard pops up, which is mostly fine because the iPad generally ignores keyboard input when the Pencil’s in use. However, when you’ve resumed writing after adjusting where you’re writing because the target area has moved, the keyboard will automatically hide again, and then the text scrolls all the way to the top/beginning of your draft! So now you have to scroll down, tap with the pencil to make sure the iPad knows you’re in pencil mode, and resume writing until a hand brush triggers the keyboard back up… and so on…
  • I guess in general, the keyboard pops up too often/unintentionally and that’s probably an OS thing and naught to be done. But if there’s some trickery you can do like you did in outsmarting Siri’s timer, the few of us trying to handwrite Drafts would be appreciative!
  • One more thing! Scribble underlines words that it autocorrects capitalization and spelling from your handwriting. In every other app, if you tap on a blue underlined word with the Pencil it gives you the option of selecting the word as you wrote it e.g. all caps, odd spelling, etc. – however Drafts does not seem to allow this. The words are underlined in blue, but tapping on them does nothing, or brings up the standard copy/paste/etc. options.