User Guides are so…2023

User guides are fine and they should be created so that you have information to give an AI ChatBot information for RAG. The value of AI is obviously appreciated by the Drafts team or there would not be any AI integrations. How about adding a chatbot to your website’s user guide so we can pose questions/problems and get answers…not spend our time looking for a possible answer.

Guess I’m not what to make of this…the big LLM have already ingested the public web information. Have you tried asking ChatGPT for help with a Drafts action?

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I never learned JavaScript, but with some general programming familiarity and an AI Chatbot, I have been able to write several simple Drafts actions using JavaScript. So like agiletortoise suggested, the big LLMs are already able to work with the Drafts documentation.

I have had good results by starting my prompts with this:
“Using standard JavaScript functions as well as the Drafts-specific additions mentioned at, write JavaScript code to…”

Of course, my prompt is saved in a Draft and tagged as a template, and I use a Drafts Action to create “New from Template.” :smiley:

I have also had good results asking a chatbot (with Drafts or other sites/documentation) whether some information or capability is mentioned there.