URL Scheme not working on WatchOS

I’m trying to set up a shortcut based on the x-callback-url specification that would work on Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch returns an error telling me that the Drafts app was not found on the device.

The reason for this setting is trying to run dictation on the Watch in a language other than English.

Here’s my setting:

Thanks for the advice!

Custom URL schemes are not supported on watchOS.

I don’t mean by Drafts, I mean by watchOS. There is no way to register and handle URL schemes provided by the system like on iOS.


You’re obviously spelunking on Watch OS Shortcuts, @agiletortoise - given a couple of threads.

I’ve almost given up on them:

  1. They’re unreliable on running.
  2. They’re not very functional.
  3. There isn’t much information on what works and what doesn’t.