Updating Workspaces

I’m probably going to come across like an idiot for not knowing what I’m doing wrong here but I can’t seem to figure out the correct way to update an existing Workspace without ending up with a brand new Worspace instead.

Right now brining up the Workspace in the side panel, tapping the ... icon, going into the Current List Options, making he change, then using Save Current seems to leave the original Workspace as it was before the change and a brand new Worspace with the change.

What am I don’t wrong and what’s the correct procedure? I feel like the Workspace are could do with come clarity in the UI department. It’s a tremendous feature but it sometimes isn’t that intuitive.

Does this help?

Don’t feel bad. I did that for the first while, too. You also swipe when editing actions on the other side of the screen, but that is a right swipe. I get confused between the 2 and pull a Rosencrantz and swipe the wrong way first, invariably. Luckily, I edit actions far less frequently than I do workspaces. Let’s Play Ball!


Yeah, that helps. I feel like navigation clarity needs a bit of work in the new version of Drafts. So many different swipes in different directions. It can be a bit confusing without clearer direction. Thanks for the tip.