Updates via Messages

It’s a simple action, one that I won’t even post because it’s so easy to set up, but I wanted to share the idea in case anyone else is in the same position…

My wife has a pretty severe case of Hyperemesis, and this week has been her second extended stay in the hospital. We have a number of friends and family wanting updates, and messages is the preferred way of contact. I wanted to get the same update info out to a large group of people, but didn’t want to do it with one big group text because that limits everyone’s ability to privately respond and communicate further.

So, I set up an action with 11 messages steps, some with a single address and others with more than one address, depending on the relationship/connection. Then, I can write my update in a new draft, tap on my update action, and then messages loads up with my text and I just have to tap the send button 11 times. It sure beats having to copy and paste text and then hit send all of those times, plus I don’t run the risk of accidentally leaving someone out.

It’s really made a part of this stressful time a lot easier, and for that I am thankful that @greg-pierce has created such a flexible and useful app!


Have you thought of converting this into a Shortcuts action the sends in the background so that you won’t need to press send 11 times?

I tried that and somehow shortcuts dropped my text and just started sending out a colon to everyone. I’ll have to look at this a little more, but setting up the Drafts action was much easier and way more reliable (so far!).