Update Warning: Tags starting and ending with "/" no longer allowed

With the Drafts 40 update, coming along with OS updates from Apple in the coming weeks, we have made a minor change to the allowed format for tags.

This update adds support for “nested tags”, in the format “parent-tag/child-tag”. When tags are defined in this way, they will be treated as nested and displayed as an outline in the tag filtering pane.

As a result of this change, the app will no longer allow the assignment of tags that either start or end with a “/” (forward-slash) character. e.g. “/tag” or “tag/” are no longer valid tags.

If you have existing tags in this format, they will need to be migrated. Which can be done using the “Rename Tag” functions available in the contextual menu of the tag filter pane, or using a Rename Tag action.

I do not think tags in this format are terribly common, but I’m sure there’s a few of you out there who have them. I want to get a feel for how many people that might be, and what sort of migration tools might be needed beyond the “rename” options listed above. I hesitate to build any automatic migration, because different people might which to address this change in different ways.

Thanks for the heads up. I have an action that posts to micro.blog and it creates a tag with the url so that you can update the post later. I was already looking into options for removing this behavior and saving the url in another way. I was also going to create a custom migration action as well once I get that done.

Maybe still ok, to be sure I’m clear, “/“ is still OK in a tag, but just not at the beginning or end of the tag name.

But, clearly, since those URL values would be treated as nested values, probably not what you want long-term.

Yeah, the nesting would be interesting. But it does have a slash at the end. So that would definitely be a problem. Gonna try to push an update to the action as soon as I can this week to fix it. What will happen for any users that update Drafts, but don’t update the action, and still have the tag being created with the slash at the end? I post whenever I push an update, but that only works if they are following me in some context to see those posts. Trying to think of the best way to inform anyone so that they update.

Nothing will “break”, per se, but you will have a pretty funky display of tags in the tag filter pane. The tags will not be altered. If you use them in Workspaces, tag filters, etc., those will all still work.

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have many tags starting with “/” in my library (i started categorizing tags with a leading special character long ago when I was using Evernote).

It broke a few of my workflows since I have some actions that e.g. add a tag /ref-script to scripts I store in Drafts. The leading slash wasn’t added anymore with the action and therefore the new scripts didn’t show up in my scripting workspace.

As already mentioned I’ve got a funky display of tags in the tag filter pane for old tags that I use(d) which I’ll rename with an Action similar to the one shared by agiletortoise :slight_smile:

I scripted an Action Helper to migrate tasks containing a slash: / slash tag migration | Drafts Directory

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