Update to Quick Open Action

I only recently noticed that version 20.0 of the app had added the editor.recentDrafts property, so I’ve updated my Quick Open action to use this, which means it runs much faster than before. It’s now just a one-liner:


If you haven’t used it before, it assigns the ⌘O keyboard shortcut to open the previous draft. Designed for when you’ve left the app for longer than the new draft creation timeout period but want to quickly resume what you were previously working on. Simple but effective.

Source: PolyMaths

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Thank you for the update! I was wondering, is there a way for the action window to automatically slide away after running the action, so that you don’t have to close the action window manually? Not a huge deal, but just curious.


Add the line app.hideActionList(); at the end of a script step in an action to hide the action list.

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I only ever use this action via the keyboard shortcut. If you want a touch-based way to do it, it’s probably quicker just to tap the little down arrow in the top right of the interface. There is a button there which will take you straight to the last draft.

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Good point, I completely forgot that was there. Thx!