Unwanted delay in sending mail

I’ve created an action that uses mail.app to create a new email, populat the to: field with a list of email address, populate the subject line with predefined text and date & time stamp, and fills the body of the email message with the contents of the draft.

Sometimes, when sending the email, it will send right away. At other times, there is a delay of up to five hours. Any thoughts why there is a delay and how I might be able to get rid of it? The emails make it to my Outbox, but get stuck there. If I remember to check the Outbox, I can force it to be sent right away. I’m running current versions of Drafts and iOS and experiencing the problem on my iPad Pro 10.5-inch.

My mom is 300 miles away from home in the ICU and I’m here with her. I’m using Drafts to A) take notes throughout each day and B) send updates to family and friends. Thanks for any thoughts on what I can do to remove the delay.


There is not much that can be done from Drafts point of view. You could enable background sending on your mail action and the send does not use Mail.app, but a web service and would likely be much faster - but the emails would come “from” another address and not yours, which is likely undesirable in this case.

If you haven’t already, I’d try rebooting the device. You might also fiddle with your fetch settings in iOS Settings > Passwords and Accounts (use “Push”). Mail.app will generally send mail right away unless there are conditions like bad network connectivity or low battery that make it try to wait for a more convenient time to send - but there may be other factors that are out of Drafts control.

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