'Untagged' workspace

I’m new to looking at Drafts seriously and have tried to set up an Inbox workspace for untagged drafts. I downloaded the untagged workspace from the directory, changed its name to ‘Inbox’ and it seemed OK but I noticed the ‘untagged’ property applies not just to ‘Inbox’ but also to ‘Flagged’ and ‘Archive’ too. I had expected that when I select ‘Archive’, for instance, it would show all drafts in that group regardless of tags. Have I misunderstood it or have I done something wrong?
Any help appreciated. Thanks

That untagged query applies across all folders in the workspace. That’s how workspaces are supposed to work. They filter everything and then the folders are ways of looking at subsets of that.

If you want tagged and untagged, that’s a workspace level sort of query, not a folder level one.

Thanks, I was beginning to think that since posting. I suppose I was confused by the ‘Inbox’ tab next to the ‘Flagged’ tab, that led me to thinking they were separate entities. Thanks for your reply and explanation.