Unlinked Drafts to Dropbox and unable to Relink

I’ve used Drafts since version 4 and have created several Actions to append and prepend data to Dropbox files. When the Drafts to Dropbox appending problem occurred, I tried several different things to alleviate the problem of sending data to Dropbox, before the 21.2 update to Drafts was posted. One of those things being to unlink Drafts to Dropbox. I’d hoped to relink Drafts to Dropbox thus possibly alleviating the problem. I’ve since updated Drafts to iOS version 21.2 but have been unable to relink Drafts to Dropbox. I’m running Drafts on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and an iPad Pro 12.9 with the current version of iOS on both. Can anyone help me relink Drafts to Dropbox on iOS? I am currently not using Drafts on Mac OS as yet.

Could you provide details on what you have tried and how/when it fails?

Are you prompted to authenticate when running a Dropbox action? Does it redirect to the Dropbox website? Etc.

Thank you for your reply. It’s much appreciated.

I have tried deleting the Drafts app on my iPhone and iPad, not simultaneously (I was afraid of losing data), and reinstalling it. I thought that doing so might prompt Drafts to request access to my Dropbox account, thus allowing me to link Drafts and Dropbox again. I have also removed the Dropbox Action step from some of my Actions and added it back. I have also unlinked/dropped Drafts access to my Dropbox account.

All of my Drafts Actions with Dropbox steps fail right away.

I am not prompted to authenticate when running a Dropbox action step. By “prompted to authenticate”, I’m assuming this is where Drafts asks me for access to my Dropbox account.

I’m not redirected to the Dropbox website.

I get a red bar at the top of the screen with a triangle containing an exclamation point and the name of the Action, which is displayed immediately after I run the Action.

My Dropbox Actions only have two steps and operate on a Draft that is already created. All the Actions do is replace the Clipboard with the current Draft, append or prepend the Draft to a specific file and destination on Dropbox and send the Draft to the trash when finished.

Basically, I want to give Drafts access to my Dropbox account again, but I don’t know how to go about doing that. I hope this helps.

Have you tried opening the Settings window in Drafts (gear/cog icon), going to the Services heading, tapping Credentials, then Dropbox, and clicking Forget?

I think @mattgemmell’s reply will put you on the right track. Sorry, I had the impression from your initial post that you had already done the “forgetting” part. Details on working with Credentials are in the User Guide.

Bazzzinga Matt! Thank You SO much! That is a tip to remember. Something I had not thought of. I will be looking at the Credentials section in the User Guide too. Thanks to everyone for taking your time to reply and assist me. Great Community for a Super App.