Unique Workspaces

I felt like I had a pretty good handle on my Workspaces, and then I ran across a couple of Workspace ideas a user had shared on Twitter that kind of blew me away! So, what are some of your unique or most used workspaces and how have you set them up?

FULL DISCLOSURE - I am definitely looking to steal your ideas! :wink:

Could you share those ideas or at least the twitter user :wink: ?

Here is a quick overview how or which workspaces I currently use:


  • Drafts without a tag
  • ActionsGroup: sorting Draft to archive / flag / trash it and also actions to tag the drafts
  • Keyboard: same as ActionGroup just to be a little bit quicker in sorting :slight_smile:

2. overview

  • its just a workspace to see every Draft, without tags and so on to get a quick overview
  • ActionGroup: Note related things like add to list or show lists…
  • KeyBoard: I have a KeyboardGroup with all my favourite actions I use often in a keyboard…

3. GTD

  • Drafts related to my GTD workflow (status tags like #todo #incubate #waiting4…)
  • ActionGroup: Actions to create Tasks in todoist, events to fantastical and generate a GTD overview draft which contains all the draft titles (and links to the drafts) which are tagged with status tags I already mentioned

4. Scripting

  • Drafts with the tag /ref-scripting – all my scripts
  • ActionGroup: this awesome group from @nahumck slightly modified for my own needs.
  • Keyboard: same as ActionGroup just to be a little bit quicker in sorting :slight_smile:

5. Projects

  • a workspace for working in project notes. Its modifiable with an action (I can select the projects I want to see after executing the action -> all my project related tasks start with “/pro-”
  • ActionGroup - is still under development but I currently have some to apply project related tags, create new drafts from project-notes templates annd share markdown notes as pdf.

6. Templates

  • Drafts with the tag /ref-template – all my templates for Messages, E-Mails and so on…
  • no special ActionGroup or Keyboard here

Rather than “INBOX” I prefer “Untagged”, which is really what it is and a hint to tag anything you want to keep.

Once a week I go through my “Untagged” workspace and manage it to zero.

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Yes, please on the ideas you found and liked.

Here’s the Tweet:

This is why @draftsapp is great. Sent an NBA tweet with right hashtags and told @wheresmonica I loved her without leaving the app. pic.twitter.com/m3bYPBbMWh

— Darren Cohen (@_DarrenCohen) May 12, 2019

And the link to the tweet if this doesn’t display correctly.

This user has a workspace set up with keyboard actions to post tweets, and NBA-specific playoff tweets with the hashtags in place, and then has a messaging workspace with keyboard actions to message specific people.

It’s so simple but my I have approached Drafts with totally different kinds of buckets in mind! That’s why I love hearign from different people and getting such different perspectives!

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Oh please please please, how did you accomplish this?
Did you make a new workspace for this to happen? Can you go immediately to that workspace when you open the app? Also on OSX?

I so want the “default” to act this way…

Set a workspace with a tag filter of untagged.

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Oh damn, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that! :see_no_evil:
Thank you so much!