Undo is way too aggressive and can easily result in lost data

I love Drafts but this issue is driving me crazy. I use Drafts as a scratch pad all the time and I’ve seen this happen before but today I had to take the time to write it up. The steps to reproduce are very easy:

  • Copy a piece of text
  • Paste it into drafts
  • Hit enter
  • Paste it again (same or different text, doesn’t matter, just wanted to make the reproduction simple)
  • Cmd + Z (undo)

You will lose both lines of text, this will happen for more than 2 lines as well. I use Cmd+Z a TON and I’ve never seen behavior like this. Even worse you can completely lose what you had if you:

  • Copy text A
  • Paste into Drafts
  • Hit Enter
  • Copy text B
  • Accidentally hit a key
  • Paste into Drafts
  • Notice you hit a random key
  • Cmd + Z to undo so you can delete the extra letter then re-paste
  • Backspace before you notice you lost everything
  • Now you’re screwed, you can’t Cmd+Shift+Z to get it back

Cmd+Z should NEVER undo more than the last action that was taken, I have no clue why it would undo multiple things.

I am encountering the same issue. In my case, it occasionally exhibits excessive aggressiveness, though not consistently.

Missed this post…I’m looking into this issue.

Are you seeing this only Mac? I think I’m reproducing it here, but only on Mac.

I’m only seeing it on the mac but I don’t ever “undo” on iOS (iPhone) so it might happen there as well.

Upon testing, it appears that the issue occurs exclusively on Mac. In my experience, I typically enter a title and pasting some text into Drafts. However, if I mistakenly paste incorrect text and attempt to undo the action, it also deletes the title.