Understanding Tags in Action Directory


I was looking for the information how the actions are evaluated with the tags “trusted member” and “tested” action.

I would love to add a test (like unit test) to my actions. But I am not Shute if there is already a workflow to achieve this.

My goal is to create a testable library of functions in a javascript file in drafts. And easily evaluate if it working. A basic approach would be to hand code test calls in a second script or to look for a global variable like ‘const test=True’

What do you think?

The trusted members process is described here; kind of :wink:

I think tested means Greg has spent time testing them and checking them over. But I could be off the mark on that one. I’m not sure I’ve seen a written definition for it.

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Marking users and actions with those flags a manual process. There’s nothing automatic about it. I can’t even envision a way that would be possible.

Depending on what your actions do, it is certainly possible you could write verification tests of some sort to confirm they behaved as you planned, but there are no special tools in the app to allow for that.

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@agiletortoise thanks.
Makes sense.
The tags are a really good indicator.

About the testing:
Most testing frameworks in JavaScript nowadays are using node.js and are - as far as I know - not usable in Drafts

? Or am I wrong ?

I have to take a deeper look into introspection.
May be there would be a way to mock drafts API (fully or partially) in a node.js environment and test the scripts there. But that may result in much work and other issues.

I will post ideas if I found some clever solutions.