Unable to view app windows

I’m unable to view any windows, including new drafts or the main window. Basically nothing but the menu items. Anyone else having this problem?


What OS version? It appears the build released this morning is having some issues on older versions of macOS.

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I have the issue on Ventura 13.6.6

Seeing the same with 13.6.7

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Yes, am having this same issue as of today. Using: Ventura 13.6.7

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Fix has been submitted to Apple. Should be out within the next 24 hours or so.


I use Drafts on a regular basis. Cannot wait 24 hours. I updated Mac OS to Sonoma. Appears to work now. Irritating. Wasted 3 hours on this. sigh…

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Same issue on Ventura 13.6.1 (22G313)

EDIT: updating to 13.6.7 didn’t resolve it

I have the same issue on Ventura 13.3.1. …

Same here. Monterey 12.7.5

same issue on Ventura 13.6.7. Spent hours uninstalling, reinstalling, cleaning. Even checked Library/Application support. Works fine on MBP, iOS (iPhone, iPad). Desperate with important work to do. Switched to MBP in the meantime. Much time wasted on this.

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If you asked support I would have gotten back with temporary solutions quickly. We certainly try to avoid such issues, but are not perfect and are fixing it quickly.

If you restore the pre-update backup from your Time Machine you would have been fine until the fix is out (it’s “In Review” at Apple now).

What options do I have on macOS Ventura 13.6.7? I was looking for a downgrade option inside the app store for v44.0, but haven’t found any.

Thanks in advance!

Apple approved this quick fix (v44.1.1) and it should appear in your App Store updates within the next hour or so as it rolls out through their caches.