Two window view in editor

Suggestion: I would like to be able to view and two different notes alongside each other in Drafts.

Use Case: I find that I am using Drafts more and more as the core application for my think through writing- which is appropriate for an app named Drafts! I have times when I refer to another note to write the current note. What I write in the current note may mean also lead to making changes in the note I am referring to. This is the reason for my suggestion two have dual pane that can view and edit two different notes.

If this is already possible, my apologies. My search of the user guide did not provide any clues in how to do this.

In iPadOS you can use multitasking. If you use the note list (on the left side) and drag it over to the other side of the screen it will open that draft in a new window and have two instances of drafts open at the same time.

On MacOS you can right click on the note you want in a second window in the notes list again and tell it to open in a new window.

You could see Apple Support Use Multitasking on your iPad as it’s kind of hard to explain how it works in general.

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Thanks @Campjacob for pointing out how to get a second window open on macOS. I should have tried the inituative approach, being a Mac and all. :slight_smile: I will try your suggestion on the iPad too.

It would be great if there was dedicated split screen/window on the macOS version similar to how it is done in Scrivener. Having an icon that I can choose be in the tool bar that would make this possible in a click would be perfect.