Tweetbot callback?

Can Tweetbot manually pass an x-success parameter back to Drafts 5 using callback_url? The app doesn’t fully support x-callback-url so attempting to more or less fake the correct response.

Working of an action that sends multiple tweets through Tweetbot, but it keeps timing out after the first one when using CallbackURL.create().

Trying again, in case anyone has any ideas. Thanks!

The callback URL step requires x-callback-url support. Tweetbot has it’s own callback parameter, but it does not support x-callback-url…so this isn’t possible, at least in a way that the action waits for a response.

Is there a reason you want to use Tweetbot for this rather than the built-in Twitter action step?

Had hoped to use it as a quick way to create threads (via Tweetbot’s topics functionality) where you reference the previous tweet.

Guess I’ll have to take a look at the Twitter API for this one. Thanks Greg!

5.0.5 makes this all so much easier, thank you Greg!

How did you do it, OP?

See if this Twitter integration guide post gets you on the right track.