Trying to make indented bullet lists is driving me crazy

Is it even possible? I take my notes like this:

2023-02-10 Drafts Community post re How to Make a Basic Outline in Drafts

  • Searched Google for drafts app forum

    • Found this forum
  • Created a General Discussion post

    • Asked community for help

    • Waiting for response

I normally use Tab to indent and Shift-Tab to outdent. It takes too long to insert 4 spaces when I’m in taking notes in the middle of a call.

Then I want to copy and paste this into an Obsidian note and have the indentation work. How to do this??? Thanks for any assistance!

See the below tip about indentation:


It worked! Thank you so much.

I did Actions > Manage Actions… > Action Group: Editing, then changed keyboard shortcuts for Indent and Outdent to Tab and Shift-Tab.

Now I can quickly make an indented, bulleted list in Drafts and copy-and-paste it right into Obsidian. :slight_smile:

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If you are copying and pasting an entire note (as your original example suggests that you might be) then you can potentially streamline that further.

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