Trying to integrate with grammerly

I’m trying to figure out the best way to integrate with Grammerly. I need all the writing help i can get. The grammerly IOS app is a keyboard so it doesn’t work with external keyboard.

Their desktop app is a web front in.

Anyone played with this.

I’m open to other writing apps also.

Grammarly doesn’t have an API which they allow people to use, so I have found the best approach is to write my document, switch to the software Grammarly keyboard and press the green G in the top left.


Rosemary with the Mac version of Drafts can you figure out a way to create an action that would send text to Grammarly through either the webpage version or the Grammarly application? Thanks

I’m also interested in this.

If Apple would allow other keyboard to be active with having the Smart Keyboard attached it would be easier. I just copy and past into either prowriting aid or gramerly. Just looking for a short cut.

I wonder if anyone has other thoughts about integrating with Grammerly.

I’m on the verge of making a KM script to copy text out of drafts paste into Grammerly and then back! Not an ideal workflow.

On the Mac, I think that sort of workflow is your only option. There is still no open API to hook into.

BTW it is Grammarly with two “a"s and no"e”.

See why I need Grammarly’s help!