Trying to get bold and underline for my Evernote action on Drafts 4

I’m a total NOOB at this…so I apologize. I spent a good amount of time searching and Googling but couldn’t find anything relevant.

Here is what I have so far: - [[line|1]]: [[line|2]]
It’s a bulleted list in Evernote. I want the first line from my Draft that’s exported to Evernote to be bold and underlined. The second line following the colon is just regular text. It’s set up to render as Markdown into Evernote.

Any help would be appreciated.

Markdown does not support underlining, you would need to do some custom construction of raw ENML (Evernote’s HTML-subset markup language) to get underlines - which is pretty advanced.

If you would be happy with just bold, just modify your template like:

- **[[line|1]]**: [[line|2]]

The double asterisks are the Markdown bold marker.

Thanks. I thought I’d tried that for bold. Apparently I did something incorrectly. Works well now. I was hoping for some ‘magic’ somewhere! LOL I knew underline wasn’t supported in Markdown…but you guys always seem to have tricks up your sleeves.

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