Trouble calling the Default Workspace

I’ve been using the script:

let workspace = Workspace.find(“WorkspaceName”);

to call on various workspaces within different actions but I can’t seem to figure out how to call the Default workspace? Using the name “Default” in the above script doesn’t work. Can anyone share the secret?

Can it even be done?



I think the Default workspace is a special case.

If you run this script it should enumerate the addressable workspaces and they are all the standard user defined ones.

let wsAll = Workspace.getAll();

let strMsg = "";
wsAll.forEach(function procWS(wsSingle)
	strMsg += + "\n"; 


I’ve had a "default’-style workspace set-up since before the Default workspace became an option. Perhaps setting up your own equivalent would provide a workaround for now; assuming my earlier assertion on Default not being accessible to the Workspace scripting object is correct?

I was also previously using a custom Default Workspace. I was hoping the true Default Workspace could be integrated in scripts in the same way as any other workspace.
Hoping for a feature to be added I guess.

Thanks @sylumer for your input!

Yes, access to the default and current workspaces in scripting would be a nice addition. I’ve got it on the list, hopefully will get to it soon.


Thanks Greg. Keep up the great work!