Trigger dictation from Siri using voice on locked iPhone

Hi Folks,

I’ve got a “Dictate a Draft” Siri shortcut which creates a Draft using dictation and applies some tags, however it requires the phone to be unlocked.

A use case for me is listening to podcasts on a run and there’s something I want to make a note (Draft) on , triggering this Shortcut using Siri through my AirPods requires me to get out my phone and unlock it - kind of defeating the objective!!

Is there a method of starting a dictation in Drafts from Siri using voice without having to unlock my phone?!

Thanks in advance.


Ps. I have beef with iOS on the widgets too, the Drafts widget is great, except I have to unlock my phone each time :triumph:

Security always comes at the expense of convenience, but locked phones are locked. There’s no way around it that I’m aware of, outside of just using the “Hey Siri, create a note using Drafts…” verbal queues.

Thanks for the reply, apologies for my ignorance, but will:

Work with a locked phone and start dictation in Drafts?!

Sorry, was being lazy!! I’ve just tried it and it does work, but I won’t be able to use the clever Drafts “rambling dictation” feature!!

Never mind, thanks for a great product :+1: