Triage Mode: Select next draft in list automatically [SOLVED]

When I’m trying to clear out my inbox I find it frustrating that after I do an action, the next draft isn’t automatically selected. Sometimes I find the first draft is selected, other times I find myself looking at a blank draft. While I totally understand that there are valid reasons for these to be the default results after processing a note, when I’m trying to clean out my inbox it really slows things down. For this reason, I would like a “triage mode” where whatever action is taken (archive, delete, a custom action, tagging, etc.) when it is completed, the next draft in the list (however it is sorted) is automatically selected. This would greatly speed things up for me.

Take a look a the focus mode docs. That is exactly what it does.

Thanks. I did not know about this, and it does address part of my concerns, so I appreciate that. However, there remain two issues I have with how it currently works:

  1. When looking at “untagged” items, I would want adding a tag to trigger moving to the next item, in the same way that archiving or trashing does. Currently the item is removed from the list, but one does not move on to the next item automatically the way I would want (or as happens after archiving).

  2. In my experience on MacOS, it does not move to the next item in the list after archiving, but moves to the first item in the list. This is a very important distinction, because one might skip some items while processing notes and wish to continue working down the list, but the current setup requires you to always go back to the top of the list if you have unprocessed items.