Tresorit app missing from share menu

I’m using a cloud storage service called Tresorit (encrypts all files by default). It does not show up in the share menu from Drafts. I asked their support who verified and said there was nothing they could do.

Tresorit appears in the share menu of the Ferrite app (iOS audio editor) with two actions on ios 13.

Is there a workaround to share to Tresorit from Drafts?

Drafts would be sharing text not files. Maybe you just need to save your text to a file and then share that to Tresorit?

@sylumer is probably correct that Tresorit is looking for a file, not just text. You can try this Share as File action that creates a file and shares that instead of the text.

Thanks, you are both correct. Using the share as file action Tresorit shows up.

Tresorit support told me it has to do with encryption because they need a file.

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