Track time v2 (and track actions) in a single draft made of successive entries

The group of actions is version 2 of the Track time actions.

Its purpose is to track time in a single draft made of successive timestamped entries.

It’s also to track actions that are noted inside entries and shared from there to other apps. Drafts basically is ‘where text starts’. These actions make Drafts also ‘where action starts’.

You’ll find the 3 actions of version 1:

  • ‘Plus’ button (the new entry button) to create a new entry
  • ‘clock’ button to insert time
  • ‘down arrow’ button (the goto end button) to go straight to the end of draft

There are 3 other buttons:

  • ‘down arrow to bracket’ button (the action button) to add an action in the draft after the current line
  • ‘right arrow to bracket’ button (the edit button) to edit the current line with customized functions
  • ‘right arrow from bracket’ button (the share button) to share the current line to other apps through customized functions

All the buttons are in the keyboard Track time v2. They automatically update the timestamps and durations of the previous and current entry.

This version 2 of Track time here is a demo of what can be done.

In my version, I have customized the following functions and integrated them into Track time v2:

  1. Actions:
  • checkins in various places (bakery, supermarket, etc.)
  • commuting (by car, tramway, bus, metro, etc.)
  • eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.)
  • sleeping (go to bed, wake up)
  • project names (professional and personal one)
  • errand (walking, walking the dog, etc.)
  • routine (medics, various repetitive actions)
  • managing things (with only one verb I can complete then to detail the action: process, prepare, maintain, order, etc.)
  • focusing (same than managing, 1 verb, i.e.: work, write, discuss, study, tweak, etc.)
  • enjoying (1 verb: chat, rest, pause, read, watch, visit, etc.)
  1. Edits:
  • customize lines to prepare export to Day One app
  • numbered list
  • bullet list
  • reflecting on habits and quantified self (weight, snacks, feelings, meditation, etc.) and sharing to other apps such as Habitify, iOS Health app, etc.
  • hydration : reflect on drinks and sharing to WaterMinder app
  • share to other apps (iOS Reminder, iOS Calendar, Fantastical, Things, Agenda, iOS Camera, iOS share extensions, iOS Shortcuts, etc.)

And another action exports entries to Day One.

Sky is the limit :wink:

The group of actions for Track time v2 is in the Action Directory.