Towards markdown image workflow in drafts on iOS, advice needed :D

Hi all

so similar to what i achieved a few months ago in Drafts on the mac, i would like to create a similar workflow on iOS (mainly for my ipad)

to start the way i use this on a mac makes it very easy to integrate images within draft+markdown: i capture images via system capture/snagit, then save in a easy to access dropbox folder.
i then have a hazel rule that renames this file and creates a link with a accessible URL and a proper MD file:

this generates a link that i can easily paste in drafts and view, ie

been using in for several months and its great!

now im trying to mimic this in iOS…and running into several blocks: i cant use hazel to get a link for the dropbox new image and generate a link to paste into drafts easily. I have managed to manually convert the copied image link from dropbox into a MD link via shortcuts:

so wondering if the community has any advice on ways to tackle this, i don’t mind using other method or an internal drafts way

thx so much


any thoughts on this anyone?

very much appreciated!


What you described in the original post seemed to be:

  1. On the Mac you capture images using SnagIt and save them to Dropbox.
  2. You have a Hazel rule on the Max with renames the image, makes a link and presumably puts it on the clipboard.
  3. You use that link in drafts as an HTML IMG tag source.
  4. You have a Shortcut that creates an HTML IMG link from the clipboard for a Dropbox file share link.

You can’t run Hazel on i*OS and there is no equivalent. To get the file link you’ll either have to get it manually from the Dropbox i*OS app, write your own link request, or if your Mac is on, you could presumably get it from the shared clipboard, or from a file you could have the Mac write (last_dropbox_link.txt).

For your own link request, you could utilise Draft’s Dropbox integration and direct API calls to identify the file and generate a link. This StackOverflow post’s second answer describes some API options around that.

Is that what you want to know? The underlying question isn’t clear to me I’m afraid.

thx @sylumer, that’s exactly what i wanted, you understood correctly!

ill explore some of the methods you suggested, thx a lot!