Totally blind new drafts user having issues with keyboard short cuts please help

Hi everyone I hope you’re doing well and staying safe, my name is Trey from the UK I’m totally blind running macOS Big Sur. I’m hoping you can help me I’m having a problem with the shortcut let me explain. I am creating an action to send an email to a particular email list.I have created a keyboard shortcut to trigger the action, the shortcut is control option r However this shortcut is not working. When I press control option or absolutely nothing happens and I’ve no idea why. I have given drafts access to accessability and input monitoring in security preferences. If somebody could help me with this matter that would be great I look forward to hearing from you all soon kind regards tray.


i think i’ve solved the problem, i changed the shortcut to control shift r and it works now i hope this helps some one :slight_smile: