Todoist V3 Notes

I’m using the above Action without issue, however I was wondering if the notes were intended to go into the comments section of the new todo, or if they were just additional text for info?

It would be nice to be able to add notes to the comments section.

They are added as a comment

Thanks for the reply.

I’m typing the todo, project, date and reminder are going in ok, but notes are staying in the title.

If I type “-note note text” in the same line as the todo title and project the quoted text above ends up in the title in Todoist.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve just realised that the description in the action directory had been ‘Markdowned’.

Because I thought people might want to use hyphens in their text I used two hyphens as the prefix for notes and reminders.

In the description the two hyphens are changed into a single dash.

If you use two hyphens it should be fine


I’ve fixed the description. It should be clearer now


Thanks, that’s sorted it perfectly.

Thanks again for putting the Action together.

I’m glad you’re finding it useful.