Todoist create Project

Is anyone actively using the Todoist.createProject() API?
I used it in the past and it worked without a problem.
Now the project gets created but I receive an HTTP 500 (internal server error) as response.
I‘m already in contact with them but I wanted to ask if this is a general problem.

To test it you can run this action: Todoist create project API test | Drafts Directory

It will create a test task first and display the response. Then it will create a test project and alert the response, if it says „undefined“ there was an error and the response is logged in the console.

Thanks for the help!

I just installed and ran the action a couple of times, and am not getting any errors, and the project is created successfully. :man_shrugging:

Maybe was just a temporary problem at the Todoist end?

Thanks, I experienced that issue last Thursday and it’s still persisting on my end:
„ 500: Internal Server Error, Response: Internal Server Error“

Definitely on their and but I wanted to see if other users are affected, too.

I get the 500 error when running that action.

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interessent :slight_smile: trank you both, i forwarded this thread to the support :slight_smile:

just a note, the error just occurs once, it is just logged twice.