Todoist API: Possible to import completed as well as active tasks?

I have a number of Drafts actions to import active tasks from Todoist which people on this forum have very kindly helped me to compile. They work great.

However, if possible, I’d like to be able to nominate a project and for a pre-determined time frame (start/end), pull back all related tasks completed and the date/time of respective completion.

Now I’ve had a look at both the Todoist API docs and the Drafts Todoist API docs. There is no mention of ‘completed’ in the REST API, but I’m unclear as to whether or not this is the full scope of Drafts’ interaction with the Todoist API.

For instance, this page would suggest that pulling back completed tasks is possible, but with my extremely limited knowledge, I’m unclear as to whether or not this achievable with Drafts.

So put simply, if anyone can clarify if completed as well active Todoist tasks can be imported into Drafts, I’d be most grateful.

You should be able to use the request method for the Todoist object, and the until parameter in the API docs section you referenced looks like it should be usable in your JSON payload to check against for completion on or before a specific date/time.

But it is a premium only feature by the looks of it; which means I’m not in a position to build and test an example call :man_shrugging:t2:

OK. Cheers. I’m premium but don’t know my elbow from my proverbial :slight_smile: Will put this one on the back burner.

Hi - I think I’ve managed to do most of what you asked here:

I’ve not worked out the start/end dates, but you can pick the project from a prompt. I think you’d just add the start/end dates into the URL like the project_id.

Hope this helps.

This sounds fab. Cheers. However, Trying it out, it’s asking for username and password. Can’t it just pick up the Todoist API credentials/token which Drafts is already uing/aware of?

I guess you might have called them something different in another script? I’ve got lots of Todoist scripts and have only had to enter the credentials once.

Sorry. All a bit too confusing. Thanks anyway.