TIP: Using Live Activities in Drafts

iOS 16.1 introduced “Live Activities” - a new way to have information handy on your Lock Screen and the Dynamic Island on your iPhone.

Drafts’ Live Activity support gives you a way to pin an active draft when you are working on a longer project, have an active scratchpad for research, a list you are checking things off on while shopping. It’s a handy way to return to Drafts with a specific draft selected from your Lock Screen, or other apps.

This video walks you through creating and using Live Activities.

A few details:

  • A Live Activity is automatically created when you enter pinned mode.
  • You can also tap and hold on the pin button for options, and manually create Live Activities for one or more drafts.

On iOS 6.2 public beta and App Store Drafts pinning doesn’t seem to start a live activity. Start Live Activity does. Could there be latency involved in the former case?

And can I pin the latest draft? Perhaps with automation?

Thanks! Useful feature and very easy to turn on!

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The live activity feature is fantastic, thanks! Down the road, can you possibly allow a user to immediately pin a newly created draft when using the share menu?

I would think the way to handle that would be to use the “Open” button in the Share/Capture window to open the draft you are capturing in Drafts, where you can easily pin it, if desired.

Easy enough to do that. Thanks.

After I pinned one draft, I moved to the next. The pin icon, for the second draft, is still marked as pinned although that second draft does not appear in Live Activities. I feel that the second draft should not have shown a solid pin icon. Is this what you are all seeing (iOS)

Is it possible that you add a live activity feature to the scripting object of a draft?

I‘d like to run an action which opens or creates a draft and immediately starts a live activity for that draft :slight_smile:

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