TIP: Three-state tasks in the Simple List syntax

The Simple List syntax learned a new trick in recent updates. In addition to [ ] style tasks, it supports { } curly brace tasks which have three active states. Great for tracking items with an “in-progress” status, or similar.

To use them, simple type { } (curly-braces with a space between) in your text. If the “Simple List” syntax is selected for the draft, it will become a tappable task that move between { } > {-} > {x} states when tapped.

Note: This is a feature enabled by syntax highlighting definitions in Drafts. Currently, you are limited to the built-in syntax options, but custom syntax definitions are planned for 2021, allowing the creation of much more advanced and versatile tasks and formatting options for your notes.


So, how do I enable Simple List syntax? Because the regular brackets work, but the curly braces don’t for some reason? Help?

Try Editor Preferences

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See below for information on selecting syntax:


There’s a page in the documentation on setting syntaxes (current and default).

There’s also a set of actions in the Draft Syntax section of the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group that allow you to select by menu, or specify directly which syntax to set the current draft to.

EDIT: Looks like my post crossed over a little with Greg’s on the timing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Interesting. I didn’t know the brackets could occur anywhere in the text. I’ve only used them at the beginning of lines in a list.