TIP: Searching exact phrases and omitting results

Drafts’ search field can filter results with simple text searches, but also supports advanced Google-like search syntax to omitted results and find exact phrases.

To find drafts containing words, just type the words in the search box. Often that is all you need, but sometime you need more specific results. Hone in your queries with the following tips:

  • Wrap a phrase in quotes to find only drafts containing the exact phrase. A search for "red car" would find drafts containing red car, but not drafts containing red sports car or red rocket car.
  • Place a - in front of a word or phrase to omit drafts containing the text. For example, a search for blue -red would find drafts with the word blue, but omit those also containing the word red.

Searches filter current view

Note that searches filter the current view of the drafts list, so if the Inbox is selected, only results in the Inbox will be show. Select the “All” tab to search your entire draft history.