TIP: Quickly Manage Running Lists with the "Add to List" Action

This is great, and I love being able to select the text.

I wonder if someone may be able to help me.
This may be a big ask, but I was wondering if ti is possible to modify this to do a few things.

1,Is is possible to have one draft with multiple lists?
If I understand correctly the current action lets you, add a list to a draft with that title (a separate draft is created for each category, but they all share the same tag).
But is it possible to make it so that all categories are in 1 draft, under heading that are categories.
So for example, you would see Book, Movies, TV Shows, Blog Ideas all in 1 draft(note), and the check lists beneath them?
I understand the conplexities this would cause since, you have to append, or prepend under the correct heading.
I can’t code much my self, but wondering if this was doable.

2, I notice that this always creates a checkbox before the text, even if there is already a checkbox next to it.
I guess that it’s not really a big deal, since I could just remember to not make a check box, but is there a way to not create a check box if 1 has already been created?