TIP: Pinning Flagged Drafts

Ever want your flagged drafts pinned to the top of the inbox? This replicates behavior similar to the “pinning” a note in Apple Notes.

This quick video tip shows you how:

Steps to Follow

  • Open list options above draft list (...) icon
  • Enable “Inbox includes flagged” setting.
  • Enable “Inbox sorts flagged to top” setting.
  • Select “Save as Default” below list options to save these settings to your Default Workspace.

If you want this to be reflected in a Workspace, you have to set this up in “Managed Workspace” and turn the “Set flagged to top” for each Workspace. If you set this up from the “…”, as shown in the video, this setting is lost when you navigate to another Workspace. Initially, I was confused why the settings did not stick.