TIP: Merging Multiple Drafts into One

Every capture a number of separate, similar drafts you want to combine into one? No need to copy and paste, the “Merge” operation can do the job for you.

To use merge:

  • Go to the draft list
  • Tap “Select” to enter select mode.
  • Tap the drafts you would like to merge, in the order you would like to merge them.
  • Tap “Operations”, and select the “Merge” operation.

On Mac, the process is similar:

  • Select multiple drafts by holding down the command key and clicking on each.
  • Secondary-click (right-click) on the draft list and select “Merge”.

Love this! Didn’t know about this feature. Thanks for keeping the tips coming!

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Is there a way to add create time stamp of each drafts when they merged? I’d think it will be useful to know when each drafts was created.

Is that not effectively the same as this recent request?

I suspect at the least, you might well be able to revise the action created by @FlohGro, shared in that thread, to do the sort of thing that you want.

I wish it could be done without having to use a workspace for the selection, is there any other way of passing the selection?
I guess my requirement is slightly different, I would like to retain some of the metadata (in plain text) on merge (creation timestamp and location).