TIP: Make your Apple Watch Ultra Action Button open Drafts

Placing the Drafts “Capture” complication on your Apple Watch face is a great, quick way to capture text on your Apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, you can also trigger capture in Drafts from a click of the Action Button using Shortcuts.

Set up:

  • On your iPhone, install the Show Capture example shortcut. Follow the link and “Install”.
  • In the “Watch” app on your iPhone, or “Settings” app on the Watch:
    • Select “Action Button”
    • Set the action type to “Shortcut”
    • Select the “Show Capture” shortcut you just installed as your action.

Once set up, pressing the Action Button will briefly flash the name of the shorcut, then open Drafts directly to text input!

Note: Yes, we agree it would be nice if this launched directly to dictation instead of the keyboard, but that is not currently possible on watchOS due to Apple limitations.