TIP: Long Press on Tags in Filter List to Rename-Delete

There are a number of ways to manage tags in Drafts, but for quickly renaming and/or delete tags in bulk, the menu commands on tags in the filter list are a great option.

To use:

  • On iOS
    • Swipe to the right on the draft list to expose filter view.
    • Long-press on a tag in the list for options.
  • On Mac
    • Show the filter list with the toolbar button.
    • Right-click on a tag in the filter list.

I have a tag I accidentally misspelled once, and the misspelled version, despite being deleted, keeps showing up on the suggested tags list when I tap the +tag button. Is there any way to remove a suggestion from this list? Thanks!

There is a “clear recent” option in that drop-down to reset the recently used list.

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