TIP: Limit Tags Available in Tag Filter Selection

If you use many tags, or often assign more than one tag to drafts, selecting tags when filtering the draft list can get unruly as your tag list grows.

If you use many tags, and often assign multiple tags to drafts, using the “Only Tags in the Current Filter” option can make this process a lot simpler. When selected, the tags available to select in the tag filters will be limited to only those tags assigned to one or more draft in the current filter.

As an example, say you have many drafts tagged with the tag “color”. Then each of these also is tagged with one or more specific color, like “red”, “blue”, “green”. Once you have added “color” to the tag filter, you may only want to see the other related color tags to further filter the list.

To enable this option, select it from the ... options in the tag filter view.


This is super useful!