TIP: Installing and Using Themes

Drafts 26 introduced the ability to create, install and use custom themes which control the display of text in the editor, and aspect of the user interface. Below is a quick video walkthrough of the process of selecting and installing new themes on iOS.

For more details about themes, visit the themes article in the User Guide



First off, a BIG thank you for implementing custom themes and syntaxes! I’m sure it was a lot of work, and the effort definitely paid off.

I was hoping to make a quick suggestion that might make things easier when using custom themes. On the Mac, the Editor Preferences screen actually shows you the name of the themes you have selected for both the Light and Dark themes. However, on iOS and iPadOS, I don’t see the name of the selected theme under the Light and Dark previews. Specifically, I’m referring to this screen:

Because many of the themes now look similar, I have no idea which theme I’ve actually selected for Light and Dark. Would you consider putting the respective names of the currently selected themes under the Light and Dark previews for iOS and iPadOS? I know you’re busy, but this would really help me out a lot.

Thanks so much!

Request noted. It’s mostly a matter of available space, but will consider it.

Maybe dropping the Aa in the Preview and moving Light/Dark in there will give you space for the theme name - just suggesting …

Or maybe just highlight the active theme somehow in the list. No need to resize everything to add more words to this screen, imo.

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The new update looks great! Thanks, Greg!

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