TIP: how to use Drafts as ultimate MEETING TOOL, together with OmniFocus

I use Drafts5 as my ultimate meeting tool, in my value-driven way of working. I am a huge fan of the work of Greg Pierce. Definitely worth the subscription fee for every penny.

The meeting minute template is populated from information in the calendar event and topics stored in OmniFocus. Including the ability to create a cheat sheet for a person or a project. Actions and decisions go back to OmniFocus for further processing/follow-up.

I have written here the setup of Drafts as part of my enabling system including some links to videos of how this works and Shortcuts. Furthermore, I use Drafts to create lists from OmniFocus to plan my work.

You can download here the action group. Enjoy the read and I hope you will be surprised by the power of Drafts5. For me, a (professional) life saver.


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