Tinting of Action Bar label characters too?

First of all, the new tinting of icons in the Action Bar is great! The recognisability of darker grey icons on a the lighter grey is not good, especially on a small screen like the iPhone’s. A vibrant color instead of grey makes a major improvement in usability.

That said, even just grey the icons were by far more recognisable than label chacracters because they are bigger and bolder.

So my question is if it is possible to introduce tinting and bolding for label characters too. And maybe a size adjustment to make them look more coherent with the icons. Of course this only makes sense for single or very few characters to not expand their width too much.

An alternative would be to expand the icon set: With all punctuation including various kinds of brackets, and at best a set of characters. (Which of course leads to the question: What kind of characters? Only Latin? Latin with extras like cedillas? And what about users not writing in Latin? An icon set containing characters would be a technically simple solution but might easily lead to either a very, very huge—huge as in: Unicode sized—icon set or a disadvantaged user group.)

Tried it with text colors in the beta cycle. The legibility is extremely poor.

Another option you can play with is using Emoji, which are inherently colored.

That’s not surprising. Only Color + bold + bigger size would help. Would a setting like “treat label character like icon” be possible? If set to On it would increase and tint the character? Only working with a single or maybe a max of two characters?

That’s an interesting idea I have never thought of because I’m not using Emojis. But after swiping through the Emoji set I am not sure wether a Panda, a Broccoli or a clapping Hand would represent an Apostroph or a “ß”. The only punctuation I found was exclamation and question marks which are part of the *Drafts" icon set already.

Another option i.e. possible mayhem from just another direction would be to open the icon set and allow user icons. Which would also allow icon improvements for exporting actions to other apps than the big ones included in the Drafts icon set like Twitter, Facebook, &c. (I know, I know—when a user shares an action and it contains a copyrighted icon that could mean real trouble for you.)

When you open the Emoji menu select the Customize option at the top. You’ll find a lot of additional options.

Thanks for the tip. But what is the Emoji menu? I have Emoji keyboards for my iPhone and my iPad.

I was referring to the Mac. May not be possible on iOS. But, you can add additional keyboards with alternative alphabets that may work for you.

I’m still on Catalina, maybe that’s why.

As to additional keyboards: I do have a Unicode keyboard. But these are characters once again. Unicode does not contain of additional sets of bigger and bolder versions of punctuation and characters which are part of the Unicode set.