Tint Pink Shows Red on macOS

Apologies ahead of time if I’ve misunderstood or overlooked something, but in Drafts 27.0.11 on macOS 11.3, it seems like the application ignores the value for tintPink (in the theme JSON) and shows the value for tintRed instead. I have experimented with changing the tintPink value to pink, green, etc., and it never changes in macOS, even as the same theme reflects the changes in the Drafts Theme Builder and iOS. For some reason it seems like the macOS application isn’t picking up the tintPink value at all.


Most interface colors in themes are only applicable to the iOS app. The Mac app uses system colors for most interface elements - like tint colors. Themes are only applicable to the content in the editor on Mac.

Sure, that makes sense. Thank you for your response. It does look to me like the pink tint and red tint on the Mac app are very close in shade — about #FC2F58 for the pink and #FC403A for the red. If I look at them in Digital Color Meter, I can see the difference (though it’s subtle), but in terms of using them for Drafts Action icon colors, it’s tough to differentiate (which makes having the additional color less useful for separating actions).

If it’s just using the system colors, maybe there’s nothing to do about it, but for me something like #FCCBC9 for the pink would be more useful for separating it.

Just a thought. Thanks for all you do!

Technically, they use Apple’s NSColor.systemRed and NSColor.systemPink, which are colors defined by Apple. The actual color they are varies with dark/light mode, and adapts to vibrancy and accessibility settings (so might be different above different wallpapers, for example)…so they are not static colors.

I agree in many cases they are quite close.