Threads API support coming soon?

Love the action that tosses a draft over to the Threads app, but it would be nice to manage Thread posts from other devices. Any plans to support the newly released Threads API in any way?

I’m watching the Threads API and did a little preliminary proof of concept work with it, but I can’t say if it will be rolled out.

There’s some very strange things about the way it is implemented the API make it onerous to support (e.g. it would require a server component to support it’s authentication requirements properly), and based on reports I’m seeing from other developers, it seem unlikely Meta would approve a Drafts’ integration for production release…which would leave me out a lot of development time and effort for nothing…so I’m not prioritizing it at this time.

So, not saying it won’t eventually happen, but not rushing into it.

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Good to know. You can never tell from a press release if something easy and awesome has been released or something hokey. Glad to hear from someone who has had a look under the hood!