Thingy: A Things Parser for Drafts 5

I wrote a task parser for Drafts 5. Source and documentation are available on Github, and the action group is up on the Action Directory. Features include emoji-based property attribution, and an autotagger that applies tags and other properties based on title patterns.


FYI, I just posted a new version to the Actions Directory. Defining Autotagger rules is now much, much simpler. More info…

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The npm setup is cool. I’ve been wanting to figure out how to use npm for unit tests and to package JavaScript.

I just gotta chime in to say how cool this is!

between drafts-things-fantadtixal I finally have the schedule-diary-system I’ve been fightingly pit together for a waitress century…your parser his been a big help.

This is seriously the coolest and most useful action I’ve used with Drafts. Thank you for writing it. The ability to automatically tag items using regular expressions is fantastic! I kind of see like it like my own personal narrow AI for action items.

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